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Plastering Tools Centre Ltd is dedicated to offering the best quality drywall stilts in the market. We have over nine years experience developing and producing patented products and this unique experience has been applied to our new Tru-Stride drywall stilts, a revolution in drywall stilts. While many manufacturers are adding unnecessary and expensive add-ons that provide no real benefit, our new heel to toe “ankle” design provides greater stability and agility. Not satisfied with simply repeating other maker’s mistakes, our new hook and loop strap system is the most convenient and effective means to tightly and comfortably secure feet and calves to the stilts. We look forward to providing you with the only drywall stilts choice for the professional.

Tru-stride Stilts US and Foreigh Patents No: CN101474472A, Tru-stride Stilts has been registered as a brand in the UK and now we are the UK and Ireland Distributor of Tru-stride Drywall Stilts.

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